Implant Testing

Accredited Mechanical Implant Testing Services

We offer a wide range of relevant implant testing procedures for:

the spine

the hip

the knee

the shoulder

further total joint replacement


dental applications

implant materials

surgical instruments


Our testing procedures include:

  • static testing (stiffness, strength, etc.)
  • dynamic testing (fatigue)
  • wear testing
  • corrosion testing
  • testing according to national and international standars (ASTM, ISO – the standard testing procedures can be found on the subpages of our website)
  • testing according to custom testing procedures
  • testing during the development process
  • or testing for approval through the U.S. FDA, the European Notified Bodies (CE-Mark) or any other national authority



SpineServ GmbH & Co. KG is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, which is an accreditation accepted by the FDA.