SPINESERV - Awarded Expertise and Competence since 2007


SpineServ GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from Prof. Dr. Joachim Wilke's working group at the Institute for Trauma Surgery Research and Biomechanics at the University of Ulm.

Prototypes of implants were tested for their biomechanical suitability at the Institute. However, as more and more requests came in for the performance of mechanical tests for approval and these tests were not carried out at the institute, Dr. Annette Kienle, Dr. Cornelia Neidlinger-Wilke and Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Wilke took the step of founding a company. Thanks to their many years of university research and their expertise and experience in the fields of medicine, biomechanics and biology, the founders combined all the important requirements for a company of this type. This was also confirmed with the Baden-Württemberg Founder Award (3rd place).


The company, which initially offered 'spinal column services', started in the premises on the campus of the University of Ulm.


The growing orders required the acquisition of machines and the company finally moved to its current premises in the 'Altes Röhrenwerk' in Ulm's Weststadt district in 2010.


From 2013, the first inquiries were also received from the medical device testing and dental implant testing sectors. The first projects were successfully completed and the portfolio was expanded to include these two divisions.


The first orders in the field of osteosynthesis in 2016 and an ever-growing customer base required further purchases of machines and the expansion of the team.


By the time we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2017, we had tripled our team and more than doubled our company space.


2018 was characterized by two important milestones.

Regulatory Affairs Services was another important area added to our service portfolio and cooperation with partners in China and Turkey led to the establishment of SpineServ in international markets.


The continuous maintenance and further development of our accreditation has been one of our most important goals from the very beginning. Since the company was founded, we have been accredited by the German DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 and the scope of accreditation has been continuously expanded. In 2020, we received additional accreditation according to ISO 17025:2017 by the US A2LA for selected test procedures for our international customers.


Today, SpineServ GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading and internationally known and recognized testing laboratories.

Our range of services includes a variety of accredited and self-developed mechanical testing and engineering services in the fields of endoprosthesis, spine, trauma, dental, and medical devices.

For over 16 years we stand for quality, safety, reliability and innovation. Interdisciplinarity is our strength and our scientific network is an added value for us and our customers. As experts in biomechanical, medical and biological issues, we also make our know-how available for scientific advice, expert opinions and literature research.

Our success is both a confirmation and an incentive for us to use our experience, expertise and quality to create the best conditions for safe and reliable medical products through the interaction of science and technology.