Implant Testing

Mechanical Testing of Endoprostheses

Also standardized (ASTM, ISO) oder individual mechanical testing of endoprostheses is carried out in the SpineServ laboratories:

Hip (Download Summary)

Fatigue Test of Stemmed Femoral Components ISO 7206-4, ASTM F2068
Fatigue Test of Head and Neck Region ISO 7206-6, ASTM F2068
Impingement Test ASTM F2582
Lever-out Test S-04
Disassembly Force of Taper Connections ASTM F2009
Disassembly Force of a Modular Acetabular Device ASTM F1820
Corrosion ASTM F1875

Knee (Download Summary)

Fatigue Test in Flexion ASTM F2777
Flexion Test in ap-Direction ASTM F2723
Fatigue Test in Torsion ASTM F2722
Total Knee Replacement Constraint ASTM F1223
Fatigue Test of Tibial Trays ISO 14879-1, ASTM F1800
Fatigue Test with Stem Extension S-05
Fatigue Test of Femoral Components S-06

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