We test more

than just implants

Welcome to SpineServ!

SpineServ is your competent, interdisciplinary and accredited mechanical test facility for orthopaedic and dental implants, implant materials, surgical instruments and other medical devices.

We test your implants during the development phase or for approval according to ASTM- or ISO standards - or following custom testing procedures adapted to the specific requirements of your implants.

Static and dynamic implant testing procedures

We offer static and dynamic medical device testing for:

  • for spinal implants
  • for endoprostheses
  • for osteosynthesis implants
  • for dental implants
  • implant materials
  • surgical instruments


Connection to University Research

The close connection to university research guarantees consideration of the most recent scientific knowledge for medical device testing.


SpineServ offers interdisciplinary expertise to address biomechanical, biological, and medical questions. This expertise is also available for scientific consulting and expert opinions.